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This page contains frequently asked questions.

General Questions on MIDI plug-ins
Q:  What is a MIDI plug-in?
A:  A MIDI plug-in (or MIDI plugin) is a software tool that can generate or process MIDI data. There are various formats of MIDI plug-in available including MFX, VST, VST Module Architecture and OPT.

Q:  What differences are there between the various plug-in formats?
A:  There are some functional differences. The VST and VST Module Architecture formats are cross-platform (can be compiled for Windows and Macintosh machines), MFX and OPT are designed for Windows platforms only.

Q:  Why are there so many plug-in formats?
A:  I don't know. (Some plug-in formats are not detailed on this site, for example Finale plug-ins.)

Q:  Is the correct term "plug-in" or "plugin"?
A:  I don't know, it depends on which dictionary is being used. I use both on the site so that search engines will cache both.

Questions about MFX plug-ins
Q:  What is an MFX plug-in?
A:  An MFX plug-in (or MFX plugin) is a type of MIDI plug-in or MIDI effect that is designed to run on Windows platforms only. It can be used to generate or process MIDI in a compatible host application. The plug-in is a COM object and part of the DXi2 (DirectX instrument) architecture developed by Cakewalk.

Q:  How do I install MFX plug-ins?
A:  Refer to the installation instructions provided with the MFX plug-in. Advanced users may copy single dll files to the shared MFX plug-ins directory, and register the dll using regsvr32.exe.

Q:  Which hosts can I use MFX plug-ins with?
A:  Cubase SX/SX2/SX3/SL/SL2/C4/CS4 and Nuendo can all utilise MFX plug-ins by using the MFX wrapper available from the Steinberg Knowledgbase entry on MFX. SONAR, Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 or higher, Project5 and Guitar Studio can also host MFX.

Q:  How do I use MFX plug-ins?
A:  Refer to the instructions provided with your host.

Questions about VST plug-ins
Q:  What is a VST plug-in?
A:  A VST plug-in is designed to either generate or process audio or MIDI data. As the method for implementing plug-ins with MIDI out using the VST development kit was not seen as ideal by some, Steinberg released the VST Module Architecture.

Q:  Which host applications can run VST plug-ins with MIDI out?
A:  Some host applications that receive MIDI from VST plug-ins are Steinberg Cubase VST 5.x, SX/SX2/SX3/SL/SL2, Nuendo. EnergyXT, Tracktion, FL Studio and Plogue Bidule.

Q:  Which host applications can run VST Module Architechture plug-ins?
A:  I don't know, probably Steinberg Cubase SX2/SX3/SL2.

Questions about OPT plug-ins
Q:  What are OPT plug-ins?
A:  OPT (Open Plug-In Technology) is the format of MIDI and application plug-in created by Yamaha.

Q:  Which hosts can OPT plug-ins be used in?
A:  OPT plug-ins can be used in Sony ACID PRO 4, Yamaha SOL 2 and SONAR.

Site related questions
Q:  How do I add a plug-in to the database?
A:  Visit the about page and send details of the plug-in including the web page.

Q:  How was this site created?
A:  It was created in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop.

Q:  What software does this website run on?
A:  It operates on Windows Server, using ASP.NET MVC pages.


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