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I’m not against a programmed hi hat here or there, I don’t need to bring my 808 hits from a vinyl it could be from a drum machine. Every song comes about in its own way, naturally
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Midi Statistics (Monitor/ Diagnostics - MIDI Plugin)

Frank's MIDI plugins Midi Statistics

Midi Statistics
plugin name Midi Statistics
developer / manufacturer Frank's MIDI plugins
price $34.95 (bundle)
licence type commercial - must be purchased to be used, a demo version may be available
plugin type

Monitor/ Diagnostics

available formats MFX
available platforms Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit
plugin status Released
plugin version
date added 28 September 2004 at 00:00
date updated 27 May 2007 at 21:31
Midi Statistics description
This plugin analyzes your MIDI events and collects a lot of useful information about...

... about Note Events like the total number of notes, their key and velocity ranges and the average velocity.

... about Wheel Events. The total number of wheel events and the overall range of the wheel events. The values of the first and the last wheel event will help you to find wheel events that are not set to "0" at the end and might produce detuned sounds.

... about all occurring patch, controller, RPN and NRPN events. Have you ever wondered why your song does not sound the way you want? There might be some patch, volume or other controller changes left.

Simply insert Midi Statistics as an insert effect for a track in the console view or in the track view and watch what happens. Midi Statistics does not alter any events.


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