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MIJOY PRO (Controller - MIDI Plugin)

Virtuasonic MIJOY PRO

plugin name MIJOY PRO
developer / manufacturer Virtuasonic
price €16
licence type commercial - must be purchased to be used, a demo version may be available
plugin type


available formats -
available platforms Windows 32bit
plugin status Released
plugin version
date added 17 January 2005 at 20:45
date updated 17 January 2005 at 20:45
MIJOY PRO description
MIJOY PRO is a VSTi MIDI plug-in that allows you to use a joystick to add MIDI controller information to a MIDI track.
It can be used to control other VSTi instruments, FX plug-ins and MIDI hardware in realtime.Features:

- Support for multiple joysticks (1 to 8)
- Internal ON/OFF switch (active/inactive)
- Slider status
- Offset function with assignable minimum and maximum for each MIDI controller
- MIDI Channel Setup
- Smoothness (from 1 to 5)
- Assignable MIDI controllers for X and Y axis, Z rotation and Slider 1
- 32 memory slots
- Display showing X, Y status
- Z Rotation status
- ON/OFF for each MIDI controller
- MIDI Thru (to mix different MIDI sources. For example, MIJOY + Masterkeyboard.)
- Idle Mode selection (on press/on release)
- Binary MIDI controller with assignable min/max (button 2)
- 2 axis types (cartesian, radial)
- List of standard MIDI controllers values included in the software package


Angri Studios

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