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ChordworX Pro (Chorder - MIDI Plugin)

Topaz Productions ChordworX Pro

plugin name ChordworX Pro
developer / manufacturer Topaz Productions
price $29
licence type commercial - must be purchased to be used, a demo version may be available
plugin type


available formats -
available platforms Windows 32bit
plugin status Released
plugin version
date added 17 January 2005 at 21:45
date updated 17 January 2005 at 21:45
ChordworX Pro description
ChordworX Pro takes a single note and triggers upto 7 notes
to make up complete chords/arps.

there are 98 pre made chords including various inversions
ranging from standard min/maj/dominants to
diminished and augmented chords.

keys are mapped across 1 octave c1 (36) up 6 Chords (12 chords on 12X version)
you can have any of the pre made chords on each key
or make your own using the user slots
each chord can be pitched up in semitones or octaves.
ChordworX Pro also has a built in Arp that will play thru the selected chords.

This plugin works best in modular hosts like EnergyXT www.xt-hq.com
but can also be used in any sequencer that sends midi events to plugins.


Angri Studios

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