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Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro 2 (Audio to MIDI - MIDI Plugin)

Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro 2

Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro 2
plugin name Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro 2
developer / manufacturer Blue Cat Audio
price €39
licence type commercial - must be purchased to be used, a demo version may be available
plugin type

Audio to MIDI

available formats -
available platforms Windows 32bit
plugin status Released
plugin version 2.1
date added 16 September 2006 at 17:10
date updated 16 September 2006 at 17:10
Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter Pro 2 description
This new version of the Digital Peak Meter Pro (DPMP) has been totally re-built from scratch: even if it is based on the same principles as the Peak Meter plug-in, it is much more powerful:

You can monitor both the RMS and peak value, thanks to the real time display of the envelopes. You can also record these envelopes as automation curves in your favorite host, as well as the transformed envelopes that you can totally control and monitor with the 'amount' and 'offset' parameters. But this is nothing compared to the real-time MIDI capabilities offered by this plug-in: you can now send MIDI CC messages following the envelopes and transformed envelope. The Tutorials section will let you discover these unique features: manage any parameter of any plug-in or external MIDI hardware with the envelopes of the audio signal! Thanks to the ability to customize the MIDI output response curve for each parameter, no MIDI device will ever resist you!

Thanks to these new real-time capabilities, you will now also be able to use the DPMP live: let the drummer control the frequency of the guitarist's wah-pedal, mute the singer during the bass solo... New interactions are now possible: musicians are really able to play together! Note that you can as well use the generated envelopes to control video or light effects...

Possibilities are endless, and nothing will now prevent you from expressing your creativity: this simple yet powerful tool will save you a lot of time and let you explore new unbelievable effects! Read the quick start guides and Tutorials to learn how to use the MIDI and automation features in your favorite host, and look at the screenshots to be convinced of the power of this unique tool.

Last but not least, the skinning capabilities of this plug-in will let you customise the way you monitor your signal: create your own skins or download skins from the blue cat website.

Be sure to enable the audio to MIDI control in the right click global settings menu for the 'MIDI out to host' feature to work.


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