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Virtual Band (Auto Accomp -animent - MIDI Plugin)

Frank's MIDI plugins Virtual Band

Virtual Band
plugin name Virtual Band
developer / manufacturer Frank's MIDI plugins
price $34.95 (bundle)
licence type commercial - must be purchased to be used, a demo version may be available
plugin type

Auto Accomp -animent

available formats MFX
available platforms Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit
plugin status Released
plugin version 1
date added 27 May 2007 at 21:08
date updated 02 June 2007 at 19:03
Virtual Band description
Virtual Band is an intelligent automatic accompaniment plugin for your sequencing software. If you're looking for a professional backing band to support your performance, the Virtual Band plugin has everything you could ask for. Load native Virtual Band Styles, import many different style and loop formats or build your own styles.

For a complete arrangement only 4 steps have to be performed:
-Patch Virtual Band into a track of the sequencing software
-Load a style
-Enter all chord changes, style changes, variation (e.g. intro, fill, ending) changes

Style Architecture. Virtual Band has an enormous flexible style architecture. This includes:
-Up to 256 Intro patterns
-Up to 256 Variation patterns
-Up to 256 Fill-in patterns
-Up to 256 Ending patterns
-Special Guitar mode.
-Virtual Band knows 47 chord types
-Note On Tolerance. This is a unique feature of Virtual Band. In a lot of situations a real musician would play notes matching a chord that has not appeared yet. The example below illustrates this: A new chord in measure 2 will already influence the note played on 4+ in measure one. Note On Tolerance defines how far Virtual Band is allowed to look into the future of the arrangement to find a new chord. For the example below, setting this parameter to 0 would result in the notes shown in the middle. With a parameter of 1/8th the accompaniment on the right is generated.

Supported Style and Pattern Format. Virtual Band supports in addition to its own style format the loading of a wide variety of third party format:
-Midi files. Prepare styles as midi files and import them
-Yamaha styles. The compatibility with the Yamaha style format allows for using thousands of styles available for free on the Web.
-Pattern Brush, Session Drummer and Groove Clips. Virtual Band is able to use these drum pattern formats.
-Musiclab's RealGuitar.


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