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Harmony Improvisator (Harmoniser - MIDI Plugin)

Jonathan Schmid-Burgk Harmony Improvisator

Harmony Improvisator
plugin name Harmony Improvisator
developer / manufacturer Jonathan Schmid-Burgk
price €79
licence type commercial - must be purchased to be used, a demo version may be available
plugin type


available formats -
available platforms Windows 32bit
plugin status Released
plugin version 1.0
date added 31 March 2008 at 20:24
date updated 31 March 2008 at 20:24
Harmony Improvisator description
The Harmony Improvisator VST Plugin provides:

*Perfect harmonic improvisation.
*Composing with the rules of classic harmonic theory without previous knowledge.
*Complex cadences suitable for all styles of music.
*Improvisation mode for active live performance.
*Visualization of chords depending on their musical function and on a virtual keyboard.
*Compatibility with most VST hosting sequencers. *Tested in Cubase SX3, Cubase S4, Live 7, Fruity Loops 7 and more
*Critical saving of time when creating harmonic frames for songs, soundtracks and arrangements.

The Harmony Improvisator VST Plugin is a completely new composition tool that makes the world of harmonic functions transparent to its users.

The concept is way ahead of other chorder plugins, as knowledge of musical composition and harmonic theory, centuries old, is the foundation of its voicing and its database.
It supports the musician in composing, improvising and creatively exploring harmony.

The mathematic logic of harmonic theory, which has evolved in the art of composition over centuries, is rarely emphasized in today's music software. Even the technique of many professional composers consists of investing a remarkable amount of time trying out different chords, which can be unsatisfactory. Improvisator shortens this phase of work and provides you the desired result quickly and accurately.

Explore unusual, contentful chords and harmonic ideas by just clicking the mouse. Whether pop-music or choral - correct harmonic progression is now accessible in your VST host without the limitations of other chorder software.

*Enlarge the harmonic diversity of your projects! Improvisator comes with a rich database of contentful and complex chords - the systematic naming of which relates to their function in a musical context. This offers practical access to every user from beginning musicians to professional composers.
*Improvisator automatically follows voicing rules (avoiding forbidden parallels, etc).
*Improvisator independently calculates and provides harmonically reasonable and clever suggestions on how to proceed a train of harmonic functions. The user’s creativity is stimulated and space for harmonic experimentation is opened.
*Provides practical support for free melody improvisation on a harmonic framework by splitting a midi keyboard and allowing transposition of the right hand to the actual key while the left hand can manually break the harmonies. A public database on www.Improvisator.de offers the opportunity to get new harmonic ideas from other musicians and to discuss harmonic progressions.
*Free updates until version 1.9.

With Improvisator it is easy to create meaningful harmonic progressions and incorporate them into a project of any style.

The Improvisator Plugin knows the mathematical logic and rules of harmonic theory. A composer no longer has to learn functions and rules by heart to create a classically correct piece of music. It directly offers technically correct alternatives to proceed and makes clever suggestions. No more manual calculating of complicated voicings so the composer can fully concentrate on the creative part of his work.


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