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MonoBar (Step Sequencer - MIDI Plugin)

AZ Audio MonoBar

plugin name MonoBar
developer / manufacturer AZ Audio
price n/a
licence type freeware - free to download and use
plugin type

Step Sequencer

available formats -
available platforms Windows 32bit
plugin status Released
plugin version 1.03
date added 22 April 2008 at 00:13
date updated 22 April 2008 at 00:13
MonoBar description
MonoBar is a step sequencer, composer and controler.

○----MonoBar Overview----○

MonoBar is simple VST midi step sequencer for
Windows compatible vst hosts. 'Mono' because
only one midi voice is sent and 'Bar' because
it uses some canvas “bar” objects in its gui

4 “bar-sequencer”:
∙ Pitch
∙ Note on (if > 0 ) and velocity (bar height)
∙ Note off
∙ Controler (5 controlers slots)

Sequence settings:
∙ Length (16 to 64 steps , inc by 16)
∙ speed (from 2 steps per beat to 8 steps per beats)
clock resolution is always 16X the minimum required
ppq resolution for an accurate playback

∙ No mode ('None')
∙ Midi root ('MRoot') , Pitch sequence is added to the played note
an offset can be definded in the popup menu (e.g : -60 )
∙ Pattern can be changed/sequenced using control change message
a vstparameter can disable this

∙ moving the mouse over the pitch sequencer select a note,displayed
at the right bottom corner
∙ pop up menu : compose , will generate a musically scaled pattern
with the selected note as root key

∙ moving the mouse over the pitch sequencer select a note
∙ pop up menu : arpegiate,will generate an arpeg from 1 to 4 octave over
the selected note

CC slots:
∙ define the CC sequence in sight
∙ CC to output is defined by sliding on the number near the 'CC OUT'
∙ CC sequence can be smoothed , if CC not used , smoothing should be
deactivated(position 'NONE') for better performances

∙ 127 sequences (max 64 steps) per bank
∙ no additional file is created , everything works with the fxp/fxb
system so banks should be written in the host file when saving a project
∙ Presets can be sequenced with midi Program change messages
∙ Presets can be copied and paste internally for progressive pattern
construction,c/p buffer can be paste to/copied from another MonoBar instance

DFM moding:
Behaviour of the sequencer can be manually changed by editing the interface script
in 'Ressource Hacker'or a similar software,although it's not really a functionality
∙ Length : label l1,l2,l3,l4 : length is defined by the tag property (integer)
∙ Speed : label s1,s2,s3,s4,s5 : speed is defined by the tag property (integer)
∙ CC smooth: label sm1,sm2,sm3 : sm rate is defined by the tag property (integer)
If you need an exotic steps per beat res, let's say 5 steps per beats,it can be done

∙ Channel out selector , can be changed by sliding on the number near 'MIDI CH'
∙ the included file 'HaxrCorp Caps.FON' should be copied and put to windows font folder
∙ Tested in energy XT2, Bidule , Fruity Loops 8 : OK
∙ Vst version 2.3
∙ MonoBar is licenced as freeware
∙ VST is a technology from Steinberg gmbh

∙ http://azertopia.free.fr/forum


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