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SuperMidiScripter (Modular/ Script - MIDI Plugin)

AZ Audio SuperMidiScripter

plugin name SuperMidiScripter
developer / manufacturer AZ Audio
price €17
licence type shareware (limited functionality) - limited functionality until purchased
plugin type

Modular/ Script

available formats -
available platforms Windows 32bit
plugin status Beta
plugin version 0.826
date added 23 November 2008 at 17:26
date updated 23 November 2008 at 17:26
SuperMidiScripter description
Super Midi Scripter

Super midi scripter is a midi scripting vsti for windows compatible hosts. It acts as a relay between the host and the
instrument. The scripting engine allow to design some midi effects,filters or instruments directly at the runtime inside
the vst environment.

Super midi scripter is a simple tool that can help into recording data inside a midi sequencer:
event filtering, event transformation, sequencing are the common tasks Super midi scripter can be used for.The plugin is provided with a basic library of instruments that can be used directly, almost without messing with scripting:

* Chords : most common chords that can be triggered by playing the root note ( "single finger chord" )
* Force : constrain note messages to a particular scale on a defined root
* CMaj : transpose Cmaj to a particular scale at a defined root ( adapted from "DoMaj plugin)
* Various others scripts, more or less experimental...

The use of scripting allow to design uncommon midi processors. From a single midi events (or from a "song position change" event) the plugin is capable of sending up to 130 simultaneous new ( or transormed) events. It means that it's possible to program a whole song in a script.The most important when scripting can is abstraction". Why ? Because musical ideas must be transposed into code, instead of grid events. They can be transposed with the following scripting features:

* Maths operations : *,/,-,+,mod
* Logical operations: not,and,xor,or
* Others operations : movments, random number generator
* Flow: various conditionals blocks (if, while, onvarchange) , iteration loops, labels and goto
* Binary file operations: read, write
Communication with an array of graphical parameters
* global data type: integer ( various form of : constant,array,initialized array) syntax highlighter, completion proposal

The scripting engine is specially designed for this product. It has its own syntax and its own way of processing. A scripting manual is included with the plugin, explaining more deeply what is introduced here.

SuperMidi scripter is a shareware. It can be purchased for 17 euros. The day of the version 1.000 release the final price of the licence will be 25 euros. Without the licence key file the plugin can only send back note on and note off messages to the host. This is the only limitation (some of the native scripts don't work in trial mode).

A licence and the key can be purchased by following this procedure:

* Send an email to azertopia [at]wanadoo.fr asking you to send you an official paypal request
* This email will be used to manually send you an official paypal request
* You'll have the final decision to accept or not to continue.If you do, an unlock file will be sent to the email used


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