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MfxScript (Modular/ Script - MIDI Plugin)

NcPlus MfxScript

plugin name MfxScript
developer / manufacturer NcPlus
price n/a
licence type freeware - free to download and use
plugin type

Modular/ Script

available formats MFX
available platforms Windows 32bit
plugin status Abandonware
plugin version
date added 28 September 2004 at 00:00
date updated 04 May 2008 at 11:31
MfxScript description
MfxScript is a midi plug-in mainly for Cakewalk music software, although it works on Cubase with the MfxWrapper.

It uses VbScript and encapsulates the full MFX specifications

Editors Features: Fully resizable, syntax coloring, popup list, menus...

1) Full implementation of the Mfx Sdk (some features may not be available on all hosts)

2) User pages, unlimited buttons, checkboxes, listboxes, combos, bitmaps, etc.

3) Reading and writing of midi files

4) Communication between different instances of MfxScript

5) Direct access to the midi drivers

6) One shot or periodic precision timer events

7) Connection to external devices (Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick, Game pad, Serial Port, TPC/IP, USB, ...)

8) Macro functions (direct access to menus, dialogs, controls, and if it's not enough sendkeys, sendmouse functions)

9) Access to scripting objects (ocx, excel, word, photoshop, ...)

10) Tools to create templates, code generators (MacroBuilder), etc. (these are scripts that are used as functions in the editor)

11) Freeze function for track events (although the MfxScript and the vbscript engine are fast, having a lot of complex scripts may slow down the host)

12) Save and Load functions, so the script user data can also be save as a preset or in your project, not only the script itself


You can change, remove or add new live or track events for filtering, keyboard split, channel split,..

Play multiple synths at the same time and use the modulation wheel to do the mixing

Playback chords or patterns with a single key, create 'your' arpeggiator

Use your game racing wheel pedal for controlling sustain, pitch bend ..

Record automatically what you are playing (offline)

Create a script that will control your synth with knobs, sliders, buttons (mixermaps are back..) to send patches, sysex, reset controllers, volume

You have access (read only) to the tempo map, meter/key map, markers and the groove-clip pitch (Sonar), selection (Sonar Process\ MIDI effects..)

Use the macro functions to access some of the host functions (generate tempo changes, load multiple audio fx at the same time, with certain presets,..)

These are just examples, the possibilities are almost endless


Angri Studios

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