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Tweak by Duration (Humaniser - MIDI Plugin)

TenCrazy.com Tweak by Duration

plugin name Tweak by Duration
developer / manufacturer TenCrazy.com
price n/a
licence type freeware - free to download and use
plugin type


available formats MFX
available platforms Windows 32bit
plugin status Released
plugin version 1.0
date added 28 September 2004 at 00:00
date updated 31 August 2005 at 02:22
Tweak by Duration description
"In GPO, the VAR 1 knob (cc#22) will introduce random tuning variations from note to note. Typically, one makes these adjustments for fast passages, where players don't have time to adjust tuning by ear. So I figured, why not create something to do this automatically? It also works with other synths and just about any other CC data."


Angri Studios

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